Songs resonate twice
for forlorn souls
If it does not, we become

a reply to my madrigal of woven solitude
a reply to my madrigal of woven solitude

melancholic souls forever
Destiny and fate do not
design souls to be forlorn forever
Immortals in their holy plans
craft one soul to complement ours
one heart to make each one of our hearts whole.

Melodies resonate twice
for blind ears, blind hearts and
lost souls.
This is the strength of love
And wonder of passion

And beauty of amor

Songs resonate twice

And so does love
And so does every beautiful
thing in this mortal world.

Melodies are formed from the
strains of Apollo’s lyre not once
but twice for Happiness and Hope
to frolick in all mortal’s heart.

Seas kiss the sands not once
but forever every second,
Seas and sands embrace each other’s warmth.

Songs resonate twice.
Diana’s moon shines not once but always:
Every single night it serenade lovers and immortals alike.

If songs resonate once, do we have love?
Do we have hearts? And fulfilled souls?
And passion, and kisses?

Songs do not resonate twice,
They resonate always

And so does love.

*** This lovely poem was a response of my good friend Knight Geronimo to my poem entitled “Madrigal of My Woven Solitude“. Photo shown is the actual handwritten poem beside mine. December, 2004