Growing up in a tropical country, I only know two seasons : wet and dry. I cannot even tell the weather temperature by numbers. I just know it is hot when a glass of water is finished in a blink, and cold when I start to dig up for my sweaters. And because growing up means having to spend my every day at school, I began to construct my own little paradise in my head. That time of the year when I do not have to face books and when days of the week become rather insignificant.

Summer. That time of the year when everyday simply becomes a wonderful memory. When waking up is no longer a struggle and dressing up sounds fun. When the beach seems to be just a stone’s throw away. When friends are welcome to share a sunshine.

There is summer. Then comes summer rain.

Just when you thought it would be sunshine all throughout, you start to hear thunder. Raindrops seem heavier than the usual and the little sound of your footstep on a wet grass becomes a little piece of miracle.

Do you know what is so good with summer rain? It teaches us the wonder of life. That you have to smile while there is sunshine, but you need to dance in every rain.

There is summer. Then comes summer rain.